Who We Are

Founders and Trustees

Honorary Patrons

  • Sir Franco Zeffirelli
    Honorary Patron 1923-2019 http://www.francozeffirelli.it
  • Vangelis
    Honorary Patron Acknowledged to this day as “the master of […]
  • Andrea Bocelli
    Honorary Patron http://www.andreabocelli.com
  • Antonis K. Samaras
    Honorary Patron – The Prime Minister’s speech at the IFG […]
  • Salvatore Adamo
    Honorary Patron http://adamosalvatore.fr/ The best and most enduring talent is […]
  • Nikos Aliagas
    Honorary Patron Nikos A. Aliagas was born in Paris on […]
  • Stéphane Bern
    Honorary Patron Difficile d’enfermer Stéphane Bern dans un seul registre […]
  • Prof. Dr A.N. Patrinos
    Honorary Patron Dr Aristides Patrinos Aristides Patrinos has always been […]
  • Prof. Jacques Brotchi
    Honorary Patron www.brotchi.be
  • Luz Cazal
    Honorary Patron http://www.luzcasal.es/
  • Christophe
    Honorary Patron 1945-2020 “Aimer ce que nous sommes” (AZ/UNIVERSAL)An album […]

Goodwill Ambassadors

  • Vasilis Lekkas
    Goodwill Ambassador http://vasilislekkas.com/
  • Kostas Varotsos
    Supporter Mr. Varotsos has designed the IFG logo and handcrafted the IFG Awards 2013. http://www.costasvarotsos.gr/
  • Jimmy Jamar
    Goodwill Ambassador Jimmy Jamar, a Belgian national, is the Head […]
  • Lavrentis Machairitsas
    Goodwill Ambassador 1956-2019 Lavrentis Machairitsas Greek creator, composer and performer.He […]
  • Sophia Kokosalaki
    Goodwill Ambassador 1972-2019 www.sophiakokosalaki.com
  • Yorgos Archimandritis
    Goodwill Ambassador Yorgos Archimandritis is an author and journalist. He […]

Senior Partners

  • Dr. Alkis Algianakis
    Senior Partner – Acting Managing Director Dr. Algianakis was born […]
  • Nelly Fili
    Senior Partner – Archaeologist – Museologist – Curator Nelly Fili […]


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