Honorary Patron

Acknowledged to this day as “the master of electronic music,” Vangelis set the bar high for all who followed.  And he did it naturally, instinctually – with no conventional training.  By the age of four he was creating music on the family piano, by the age of six giving public performances of his compositions … his natural gift coming from a place he likes to call memory … a place he says we can all tap into if we can only remember.  It was also at this young age that his inherent talent for drawing and painting began to emerge, though it would be years before anyone outside his inner circle would get to see his work.  

As a teenager Vangelis proved his innate knowledge and expertise for various styles of music, all the while quietly developing his own unique repertoire.  And then came the new wave of electronic instruments, just in time it seemed, to accommodate his ever-expanding imagination and innovative experimentations, the results of which often led to his being called “the father of new-age.”  Over the years, he built studio/laboratories in Paris, London, Athens and Rome and collaborated with revered singers, artists, playwrights, poets, choreographers, filmmakers, environmentalists, athletes, doctors and scientists from all over the world.

And now, with over forty album releases, over twenty movie/TV soundtracks, two ballets, six plays, three choral symphonies, major audio/visual spectaculars and numerous honors, awards and titles to his credit, he continues to expand the horizons of electronic music by combining it with and blurring the line between it and acoustic symphonic music.  But no matter what kind of method and instruments he uses, Vangelis will always be known for his strength of melody, his pioneering sound and his emotional depth.  This is why his music for the film Chariots Of Fire has won him an Academy Award (Oscar), Conquest Of Paradise still spurs athletes to Olympic victory, and Blade Runner has achieved an almost mythological status.  

The same lifelong devotion and dedication Vangelis has for his music, has always been as evident in his visual art.  But it was not until recently that he consented to having it shown to the public. Since that day in 2003, he has had ten major exhibitions of his paintings in leading art museums around the world.  

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has proclaimed Vangelis Honorary Doctor/Professor Emeritus for his contribution to culture. Also the University of Patras in Greece has proclaimed Vangelis Honorary Doctor/Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Physics.

To Vangelis, music and art are sacred, basic forces of the universe, their purpose to elevate, inspire and to heal humankind.  This is Vangelis’ mission, this and his desire to awaken in all of us, perhaps, that place called memory.


Fais Que Ton Rêve Soit Plus Long Que la Nuit
L’apocalypse des Animaux (TV series)
Heaven and Hell
Ignacio (Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?)
La Fête Sauvage (film soundtrack)
Albedo 0.39
Opera Sauvage (TV series)
The Best of Vangelis
Odes (with Irene Papas)
Short Stories (with Jon Anderson)
See You Later
Friends of Mr. Cairo (with Jon Anderson)
Chariots of Fire (film soundtrack)
Blade Runner (film soundtrack, released 1994)
Antarctica (film soundtrack)
Private Collection (with Jon Anderson)
Soil Festivities
The Best of Jon and Vangelis (with Jon Anderson)
Invisible Connections
Rhapsodies (with Irene Papas)
The City
Page of Life (with Jon Anderson)
1492 – Conquest of Paradise (film soundtrack)
Voices (with various vocalists)
El Greco
FIFA World Cup Official Anthem
Odyssey – The Definitive Collection
Alexander (film soundtrack)
Blade Runner Trilogy, 25th Anniversary
El Greco (film soundtrack)
The Collection
Chariots of Fire The Play


Chariots of Fire – Hugh Hudson

Missing – Costa-Gavras

Blade Runner -Ridley Scott

Antarctica – Koreyoshi Kurahara

The Bounty – Roger Donaldson

Francesco – Liliana Cavani

1492: Conquest of Paradise – Ridley Scott

Bitter Moon – Roman Polanski

Cavafy -Iannis Smaragdis

Alexander – Oliver Stone

El Greco – Iannis Smaragdis

Rupture (documentary) – Hugh Hudson

Trashed (documentary) – Candida Brady


Olympia, Paris

Royal Albert Hall, London

Pavillon de Paris, Paris

 Drury Lane, London

Cirque Royale, Brussels
with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Festival Hall, London

UCLA’s Royce Hall, Los Angeles

Herod Atticus at the Acropolis, Athens
two concerts for the construction of the New Acropolis Museum

Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens
Olympic Flame Ceremony

Terme Di Caracalla, Rome

Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens
promotion for Athens to host the Olympics

Rotterdam Harbour, Rotterdam
Eureka – Event of Excellence

Herod Atticus at the Acropolis, Athens
A Night of Poetry with Alan Bates and Fanny Ardant

Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens
IAAF World Championship Opening Ceremonies

Temple of Jupiter, Athens
Mythodea – Music For The NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey
with Kathleen Battle, Jessye Norman and the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Cultural Village Amphitheatre, Doha – Qatar
A Choral Symphony
with: Angela Gheorghiu – soprano, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir, World Musicians
Qatar Philharmonic Children’s Choir, Conductor Yvan Cassar
Special guest star:  Roberto Alagna – tenor
Light show:  Gert Hof
Master of Ceremonies:  Jeremy Irons
Filmed by Hugh Hudson  

Theatre & Ballet

Electra – directed by Michael Cacoyannis
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in Greece

Medea – directed by Nuria Esper

Las Troyanas (aka The Trojan Women) – directed by Irene Papas
Los Talleres Generales, Sagunto, Spain

A Vihar (aka The Tempest) – directed by György Schwajda
Hungarian National Theatre, Budapest

Ecuba – directed by Irene Papas
Tor Vergata University, Rome

Antigone – directed by Irene Papas
Greek Theatre, Siracusa, Sicily


Frankenstein, Modern Prometheus – choreographed by Wayne Eagling
Covent Garden, London

Beauty and the Beast – choreographed by Wayne Eagling
Covent Garden, London
Kremlin State Palace, Moscow


L’ Apocalypse des Animaux – series – Frédéric Rossif

Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d’ Etre – documentary – Frédéric Rossif

Georges Braque ou le Temp Different – documentary – Frédéric Rossif

La Fête Sauvage – documentary – Frédéric Rossif

L’ Opera Sauvage – series – Frédéric Rossif

Pablo Picasso Peintre – documentary – Frédéric Rossif

Sauvage et Beau – documentary – Frédéric Rossif

Cosmos, A Special Edition – series – Carl Sagan

Jacques Cousteau – series (various) – Jacques Cousteau


Academy Award (Oscar) for best soundtrack

Golden Lion Award (Germany) for best title theme for a TV film or series

Max Steiner Award for composition and presentation of distinguished film music

Echo Award (Germany) for international artist of the year

Flanders International Film Festival Award for best soundtrack

Valencia International Film Festival Award for best soundtrack

Public Choice Award for best film soundtrack from the World Soundtrack Academy in Flanders, Belgium

Apollo Award in recognition of his contribution to music from the Friends of the Athens National Opera Society

The title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of the French Republic

World Music Awards, Monte Carlo, for being the world’s largest selling Greek artist (numerous years)

The title of Chevalier de la Légion d’ Honneur of the French Republic

RIAJ (Recording Industry of Japan) Award for international song of the year

NASA’s Public Service Medal in recognition of extraordinary contributions to the NASA vision

The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory named a small planet Vangelis in his honor

Asteroid (6354) – Vangelis
In 1995, the international impact and appreciation of the works of Vangelis, as well as his rapport to the Universe, led the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in the United States of America, to name a minor planet in his honor. Asteroid 6354, now and forever officially named “Vangelis,” is located about 247 million miles from the sun and is in a 4.33 year orbit around it, entirely between Jupiter and Mars.