Provision of heating oil in schools

At the end of February 2014 the International Foundation for Greece (IFG) in collaboration with The Hellenic Initiative (THI) purchased heating oil for 9 more schools in the prefecture of Evros and in particular:

1st Primary School of Feres Feres Evros500 litresTHI
2nd Primary School of FeresFeres Evros500 litresTHI
3rd Primary School of Feres Feres Evros500 litresTHI
Junior High School of Feres Feres Evros500 litresTHI
Junior High School of AntheiaAlexandroupolis500 litresTHI
Special School of PalagiaAlexandroupolis500 litresTHI
Special School Alexandroupolis500 litresTHI
High School of TyxeroTyxero Evros500 litresTHI – IFG
Kindergarten & Primary SchoolLavara Evros500 litresTHI – IFG

November 2013 

 Primary school Feres Evros500 litresAegean Oil
 Kindergarten & Primary School Lavara Evros500 litresAegean Oil
 1st Primary School Soufli500 litresAegean Oil
 4th Primary School Didymoticho500 litresAegean Oil
 Primary School Metaxades500 litresAegean Oil