Donation of heating oil 2017-2018

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we have completed our donations of heating fuel for the school year of 2017-2018. The Foundation’s work has been enhanced by the valuable contribution of IFG’s Goodwill Ambassadors Jimmy Jamar and Vasilis Lekkas, AEGEAN OIL, as well as friends and donors to the International Foundation for Greece, whom we thank wholeheartedly. We quote below, in detail, the schools and institutions that received heating fuel.

Evros Prefecture
Soufli2nd Primary School
LavaraPrimary School
Didymoteicho4th Kindergarten 
Didymoteicho4th Primary School
RoussaPrimary School
Thourio OrestiadaSpecial School
Orestiada2nd Primary School
Orestiada4th Primary School
Rizia OrestiadaPrimary School
Dikaia OrestiadaPrimary School
Kyprinos OrestiadaPrimary School
Nea Vyssa OrestiadaPrimary School
Samothrace ChoraNursery School
Samothrace ChoraKindergarten
Samothrace ChoraJunior High School
Samothrace ChoraSenior High School
Samothrace ChoraCreative & Education Center
Samothrace KamariotissaKindergarten
Samothrace KamariotissaPrimary School
Samothrace LakkomaKindergarten
Samothrace LakkomaPrimary School
Attiki Prefecture
MatiLyreion Children’s Institution
AthensCharitable Society of Athens,
Home for the elderly
Pella Prefecture
GalatadesPrimary School
Neos MylotoposPrimary School
ExaplatanosPrimary School
Kalyvia SkydrasKindergarten 
Kalyvia SkydrasPrimary School
ArseniPrimary School
KerasiaPrimary School
Florina Prefecture
VeviPrimary School
Meliti1st Kindergarten 
Ano KallinikiPrimary School
Kato KleinesKindergarten 
Kato KleinesPrimary School
AmmochoriPrimary School
IteaPrimary School
PapayiannisJunior High School
Kozani Prefecture
TranovaltoPrimary School