IFG Awards

IFG Awards 2016

IFG Awards 2016

The Foundation’s awards, “IFG Awards”, were created to honour contemporary Greeks who live beyond the Greek borders, who not only have not forgotten their Greek roots, but who also showcase and bring to life the Greek ideal within their work.

They are awarded every three years during a special event at the Acropolis Museum, which is organised by the Foundation in the presence of political leaders, distinguished Good Will Ambassadors and the Greek and international media. They honour personalities which have been distinguished for their services in the following fields:


Arts and Letters

This awards people of the Arts and Letters who have supported and have spread Greece’s culture through their creativity, reputation and international presence in the fields of literature, philosophy, film directing, music and the visual arts.

Αwarded to Costa-Gavras



This award honours scientists who have devoted themselves to the service of mankind and society and whose innovative research has become a leading example in the scientific world.

Αwarded to Dr Peter H. Diamandis



This is awarded to entrepreneurs as a form of recognition for their contribution and sensitivity shown towards society and their testament of solidarity towards the problems of Greece.

Αwarded to Mr John A. Catsimatidis


Film and Theatre

This is awarded to people in film and theatre who have been able to become strong ambassadors for Greece through their productions and radiant personalities.

Αwarded to Mrs Rita Wilson



This is awarded to all those who have distinguished themselves through their priceless service in spreading Greece’s culture and the proliferation of the Greek ideal, values and spirit throughout the whole world.

Αwarded to Mr George Stephanopoulos