Charity Concert by Dasho Kurti

Charity Concert by Dasho Kurti

Composer Dasho Kurti took the initiative to organise a charity concert with the participation of exceptional artists for whom he has composed songs. George Dalaras, Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, Miltos Paschalides, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, George Merantzas, Sofia Papazoglou, Vassilis Prodromou, Aspasia Stratigou, Peter Kouloumis, Stephen Dormparakis, Kostas Triantaphyllides and Isidoros Pateros are selflessly participating in this concert which will be held on Wednesday March 29th at Iera Odos Music Hall.

The proceeds of the concert will be allocated to cover refugee camps' needs on Lesvos Island.

The concert is organized by the globally acclaimed, award-winning internet radio station "" and "Friendship Bridges - Institute of Social Solidarity" under the auspices of the International Foundation for Greece.

Tickets Price: Seated 15 Euros / Standing 10 Euros

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